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Welcome to Kansas Dressage and Eventing Association

KDEA is in Wichita, KS and USDF Region 4.  We serve the South Central Kansas dressage and eventing community by providing educational, social, and competitive opportunities that promote a harmonious partnership between horse and rider.

News notes:  Forgot to include in the KDEA newsletter - Gail Matheus and Reatta have qualified for Regionals, and will be heading to Lamplight(Chicago area) this fall to try their hand at winning in the Freestyle division!  Go Gail and Reatta.

Condolences to member Marie Maloney who unfortunately lost her horse "Gator" in early September to a sudden cardiac issue.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Marie, and all of those who have lost a horse dear to them.  Most all of us have been there, and know that it is not easy to deal with such a loss.  Marie and Gator were qualified for Regionals at Intemediare II and Grand Prix 

Next KDEA Schooling Dressage Show - Saturday September 24th at Mattox Arena.  Click here for entry form.  Closing date is September 14th.  Cancelled due to lack of sufficient entries!!!

Results for Jump For Joy at Windermere on August 21st.  Thanks to all who came out and helped or rode in the show.

KDEA Jump for Joy show at Flying Diamond on July 30th -- Click Here for results.  We also welcome 10 new members who came out to this KDEA event!

Sarah Hansen, one of our KDEA Scholarship winners, attended her very first schooling show with her scholarship $$.  Here is her story...

Last summer, I had the privilege of attending my first Jump for Joy clinic, and I loved it. I have been riding since I was 8, but never had the chance to compete or even own my own horse. The Jump for Joy clinic last summer inspired me to get my own horse, and I was finally able to make it a reality this year. I was so nervous coming to the show, but once I got there, I found out that everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I felt right at home. I had no idea what my horse was going to do since the only thing I'd had to practice jumping with was a couple of poles on cinder blocks at home. I was able to slowly introduce her to the course and make sure she was comfortable, and when it came time to do our show, she had a clear round! It was such a good training experience for both she and I. I couldn’t believe how well she did! This couldn’t have been possible without the scholarship from KDEA. Thank you again! Can’t wait for the next show!

- Click here for picture

June 4-5 KDEA Hutchinson Dressage Show - was a GREAT SUCCESS!  We had two full days of rides, and there were more KDEA members riding than in previous years.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who came to help out - Maribeth and I can't do this without our volunteers.  Maribeth has announced that she is going to turn over the management duties to someone else in upcoming years, and Natalie McTaggart has agreed to co-manage next year alongside Maribeth and learn the ropes of managing.  If anyone else is interested in taking a more active role in show management, please let either of us know.  For results from this weekend, click HERE

June 18th Schooling Show - At Mattox Arena.   It wasn't all that hot on Saturday morning, and we finished by noon....and we were thankful for the break in the hot weather.  Click Here for results  Thanks to those who came and helped - Tami Harris, Joanna Bartlett, Maribeth Willard, Shelbi Clear, Sherry Engel. Thanks to those who helped us set up and tear down:  Joanna Bartlett, Natalie McTaggart, Maribeth Willard, The Pryor Family, Shelbi Clear, Tami Harris, Sherry Engel.

May 14th Schooling Show - Results -- Click Here.
Our first schooling show of the year is history!  We had a great time at Mattox Arena, the host for our May 14th schooling show.  Thanks to Brad Mattox for his attention to the footing for our show.  Although it was a bit chilly on Saturday morning (especially since it had been 84 the afternoon before), all riders seemed to be enjoying the facility, the company of others and the chance to test and show their horse's abilities.  A special thank you to Elaine Cornell who not only rode two horses in the show, but also came to my rescue when I asked for volunteers.  She came up with over half of he volunteers for the day of the show!!  Thanks to all who helped....Natalie McTaggart, Sherry Engel, MB Willard, Megan and Lilly Lee, Emily Atkinson, Megan DVires, Elizabeth Cummings, JoAnne Berry, Haley Barrett, and the arena tear down crew of Deana and Sarah Pryor, Joanna Bartlett, Trisha Kaufman, Taylor Wagstaff and family, Joanne Berry, Ray Doneski, Alan and Charlotte Pinkall.  If I forgot anyone...sorry!  

KDEA 2016 Awards Sign Up
If you are showing at KDEA schooling shows or other schooling shows in the area, then you do not need to sign up, but you will need to submit any scores from non-KDEA schooling shows. You also need to be a member when scores are earned for scores to count toward year-end awards.

New for 2016 – there are now going to be Jumper awards....so be sure that you join KDEA and come show this year and see if you come away a year end award winner!

Here is a list of those who have signed up for KDEA recognized dressage show awards or breed awards this year. If you need to sign up...check out the Award Sign Up form on the Competitions page.

Joanna Bartlett: Training and First level and Warmblood
Lisa Bryant:  Training and Bronze medals, western cert - basic, first/second, and Morgan
Jessica Harrison: Bronze medal, First, AQHA
Erin Keith: Training Medal, Training and  First, Beginner Novice
Susan Lang – Silver Medal, 4th Level
Bekki Moore: Silver medal, Western - Basic and First/Second, First, Second, Thoroughbred and AQHA
Charlotte Pinkall: Training medal, Western - basic, Draft, Arab/PB
Annette Pulliam: AQHA
Jayne Regan: First and Thoroughbred
Nick Staples: Novice and Training and Preliminary
Taylor Wagstaff: Pony
Marie: Grand Prix and Warmblood

As the Medals program is not on an annual basis (but can be earned over multiple years on multiple horses) there are some of you who are signed up for medals, but you would have paid your medal fee in prior years....so you are not listed here. Check with Natalie McTaggart if you have questions about your eligibility for KDEA medals program, or check out the flyer on the Competitions page. Natalie can be reached at bar.m.quarterhorses@gmail.com

2016 KDEA Schooling Show DatesSeptember 24 at Mattox Arena.  

Entry Form - Click Here

2016 KDEA Jump For Joy shows at Windermere, 5400 E 53rd St N, Kechi -  August 20.  Just Added:  Another Jump for Joy show, July 30th at Flying Diamond (Andover KS).   Entry Form: Winderemere    Entry Form:  Flying Diamond

KDEA Scholarship Form:  Check out our 2016 Scholarship program brought to you by the Education Committee.  Click Here

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KDEA Minutes of Meetings - See About KDEA Tab - Archives -- for minutes from current and past.

2016 Membership Application - Click Here.          
2016 Awards Info - Click Here.  
2016 Awards Sign Up   Click Here

Check out the Sponsor Tab for those who are supporting our show this year.

2016 Officers and Board - Susan Lang, President; Missy Bartel, VP; Lisa Bryant, Secretary and Maribeth Willard, Treasurer.  Board:  Erin Keith (jr), Anne Stephens, Kris Keith, Jessica Harrison, Bekki Moore, Sherry Engel, Natalie McTaggart.

Message from the KDEA President:

Jump for Joy at Flying Diamond was a success, and we thank our hosts Anna Ralstin and Stacey Reser for a beautiful venue for our show. Thanks to the great weather...no one had to sweat too much that day.  Look for the entry form for the August 20 Jump for Joy at Windermere in Kechi (53rd N and Rock Road).  Also on the horizon is the September 24 schooling show...and don't forget to consider taking an officer or board position for 2017.....

                                                                                                                        Susan Lang